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How to raise awareness for anxiety, depression and mental health.

Step 1: Welcome.

Hello and nice to meet you. Did you know? 1 in 4 people struggle with anxiety, depression and other mental health issues in the world. Treatments are available, but around two-thirds of people never seek help (source: World Health Organization).

Talktime is a new indie brand. We're on a mission to make mental health available for all. We make custom beauty items that are good for you, the environment and people in need. Our aim is to help the two-thirds of people who may never seek help. We provide 1 hour of support for each item sold to benefit those who need someone to talk to

Step 2: How to shop with us.

Take part in our product launch to raise awareness. It is for beginners, those who struggle, and those who want to support people who do.

First, we walk with you down the virtual shopping isle. Tell us the categories you are interested in and the number of items desired. We have 100s of unique shades and formulations for every color skin. If this feels overwhelming, do not worry. We will choose for you. If you are willing to experiment, you might find your next holy grail in a shade you never even knew existed.

All items are a flat-rate of $30 USD. Here are the categories that we offer:

Category Items
Bracelet 15+ seasonal colors to raise awareness.
Eyeliner 60+ beautiful shades and pencils in 10+ formulations such as matte, liquid and gel.
Eyeshadow 100+ unique shades in 10+ formulations such as liquid, matte, frosted, metallic and silky.
Lip Gloss 100+ rare shades in 6+ long lasting formulations such as matte, high shine, moisturizing, sparkly and clear. None of these glosses are lip plumping.
Lip Plumper Big. Bold. Beautiful. Get a boost in confidence without discomfort. Comes in a clear, high shine finish.
Lipstick 200+ rare shades in 10+ long lasting formulations such as matte, frosted, liquid lipsticks, creamy and glitter.
Mascara A light-weight, waterproof formula that makes lashes look cute even through a panic attack.
Tip $10 Tip = 1 hour of support. Every $10 you give can provide 1 hour of support to people in need through the Talktime support community.


Lip Gloss.


Second, once you place your order, our stylists get to work. We pick colors based on the season. We make all items from scratch. You will receive a mystery beauty box with fresh items that you can keep for yourself or gift to someone else.

Third, we ship your box. To sum it up. Product launches are fun and can make an impact. Try a new experience without overwhelm. We will do all the work - make, pick and ship your beauty items. Just tell us what you would like. Take part.

Step 3: When your box ships.

We offer free shipping worldwide. Since we make everything from scratch, here is our shipping timeline. We try to ship ahead of schedule. This varies based on demand. We make all orders on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Season Order by Ships by
1 February 9th March 22nd
2 March 5th April 27th
3 April 6th May 25th
4 May 4th June 29th

Step 4: Free resources.

Need someone to talk to? Would you like to volunteer to help others? Consider this. Journal online. Share your story. Make new friends. Talk about anything and everything. Try this free journal.

Step 5: Place your order.

(We now offer free shipping worldwide.)

If you are ready, let's begin. Scroll to the top. Select the categories that you are interested in from the dropdown menu. Increase the quantity by the number of items desired. Tap 'Add to cart' then proceed to checkout. And that is it. We look forward to making your order.

Please note. Talktime does not accept returns and all sales are final. We do not accept returns or exchanges. Any returns made to us will not be eligible for a refund. We understand this is not ideal. Here is a suggestion. Can your pre-loved items find a second home? Gift giving is a love language that any person can speak.