Talktime Bracelet

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About this item.

  • Sold as one (1) bracelet
  • You receive a mystery color (1 of 16 shades)
  • 1 bracelet purchased = 1 hour of support
  • Standard adult size of 8" around fits most adult wrist sizes, including men, women, and teens

About your impact.

Therapy is expensive. We fix this by offering a new form of peer support. It's called Talktime - an online platform that pairs people together. On one side, we have people who volunteer to talk. And on the other side, we have people who want someone to talk to. The magic is that everything happens in real-time. This way you can speak to someone instantly.

Talktime is not professional care. It's a free alternative. It gives any person space to get things off their chest. Gain a new perspective. Volunteer to be a listening ear. And more. Talktime helps people in need. Tap here to give it a try.

Where your money goes.

Your purchase funds this project. We use the funds to support four key areas.

(1) Direct support to the website.

  • This includes ongoing safety and engineering improvements. Servers, product development, design and research and legal support as well.

(2) Direct support to communities.

  • Talktime exists thanks to the people who volunteer to talk. We strength our community through projects, trainings and support.

(3) Administration and governance.

  • We manage funds to recruit and support skilled, passionate staff. They share in the mission to make mental health available for all.

(4) Fundraising.

  • Your purchase sustains Talktime. This way we have the necessary resources to continue our global mission.

We have the opportunity to make a difference in the world. Take part in this project. Thank you to everyone who is able to contribute.